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screenshotVIP roulette is a game aimed squarely at the more discerning casino fans out there. Players will feel like they're in a top casino thanks to VIP roulette's vivid visuals, sumptuous sound effects and gripping gameplay.

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3 Star Karl78 said:

Been playing this on betfred, i like the game but not sure why its different to normal roulette, prob not worked it out yet lol

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History of VIP roulette

screenshotThe elegance of roulette has always attracted a certain type of player. With its French origins, chic roulette wheel and vast array of betting options, VIP roulette is a mainstay of the world's finest casinos. In fact, it's hard to imagine a top casino without it. VIP roulette gives you the chance to rub shoulders with high society and even become one of the nouveau riche if you're lucky enough to predict where the ball will drop.